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With the ambition to create the country’s most sustainable venue, a green thinking has permeated the entire project from day one. Taking responsibility for our climate footprint is naturally a priority for us.
Our point of view is that we are part of society and that we have a great social responsibility. Our industry, just like many other industries, faces the challenge of transforming its business into a more sustainable business.

Together with our guests, customers, employees, suppliers, and partners, we want to contribute to creating a more sustainable future. Our starting point is to build a sustainable workplace together with all employees, and to enable it with strategic conscious choices for a more sustainable future.
Recycling of waste takes place in all of our operations, according to the conditions that exist on the property. We reduce waste with conscious choices, where both reuse and removal of certain disposable items is a fact.

If you want to know more about our sustainable work or have questions about Stureplansgruppen, visit us.

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